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The Bot Features
Lets you combine accounts which removes trade limitations.
The only binary robot that forces you to withdraw your profits regularly.
You choose which brokers to work with – there are 18.
The first fully transparent robot with only 2000 beta test licenses available.
Why should you consider 100% Profit Bot?

Limited access

Only 2000 numbered licenses available. If you don´t react quicliy you WILL mis out


Explains EXACTLY how the multibroker approach works.. in detail! Why it works. How it doesn’t work manually. How to overcome broker limitations and much more!

Choose your ebrokerage freely.

Does not collect any money on your deposit. Will profit from a monthly fee after betatesting is over!


Bot FORCES you to withdraw profits regularly, else it will not continue to trade. It protects you from yourself!
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Is this the last binary trading software you will ever need or want?

People are attracted to binary options trading because of its relative simplicity in comparison to other investment vehicles. One never has to guess at the upside because the reward is already known at the time of investment. Similarly, the downside is also known. When comparing binary options with other investments, you can gauge the exact amount of risk you are taking and measure it against the potential return to determine if this is indeed a rate of return you are going to be happy with.

Using a binary bot radically simplifies the trading process and it takes the emotion out of the trade. You don’t have to sit at your computer all day and you can trade any time the markets are open. Binary options offer a low cost entry into options trading and can produce sizable returns. The major criticisms of binary options trading bots are that you are stuck with trading with a specific broker and their fine print may not exactly comport with your trading style or financial goals. Furthermore, traders complain that trading profits never quite seem to find their way into their bank account. Taking these two chief complaints into account, Steve and Mike (you might know that this is the duo that created the Legal Insider Bot, the most successful bot in its class) developed the 100% Profit Bot, a new generation of trading software that does what no other bot currently available does:

• The bot works with your choice of 18 different brokers and actually works best when you use multiple brokers. It enables you to hedge your bets between brokers leading to more profits for you.

• This bot literally makes you withdraw your profits on a regular basis. You must bank your profits before it lets you place another trade. That way, your profits help fund your lifestyle and stay out of the hands of the brokers.

The bot will make its debut to the trading public on November 10 as a beta test. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this product (there are only 2000 beta testing licenses available so you’ll want to get into the queue for one of these limited licenses) just click on the link below to enroll.

How about these Testimonials?
Honestly, I have been scammed before – like I guess many of you – so I was sceptical about trying this one out, but decided to give it a shot! It took me roughly 10 mins to get started and fund the 4 brokerages; luckily everything was registered for me on autopilot. Guess what? Just minutes later, I banked $215. Literally the quickest money I’ve ever made!

RodOrlando / USA

This software really delivers. Have been using the automatic 100% Binary Robot for several weeks as a betatester, and the outcomes are awesome – I am currently running $1500 in profits! Since I’ve started using it, my average success rate is 92.3%, which is INSANE.


I tried almost everything… was trading stocks and forex, affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing, and many other things for the last 5 years. Each time I was promised big results, but all that happened was I wasted time and money. First I was bit skeptical with this as well, but I think I finally found a software that actually works and is easy to use. Fund 4 brokers and it hedges so you are always in profit overall! This thing ROCKS!

Markus H.Germany

Awesome software. I’ve been in the SportsMavin beta vol1 group since 2013. The new version is amazing, free to use, includes risk free hedging between 4 brokers, and best of all, with the minimum deposit of $300, you could make huge bucks daily and with ease. 100% authenticated and verified. Just my 2c.


You will love our Bonus

It is no secret that the more you know about something, the better chance you will have to make money on it.

That’s why when someone offers a bonus that includes an education, we take note. More knowledge has value, especially when it comes to the financial markets. It is widely believed that in order to be considered an expert, one needs to have invested at least 10,000 hours perfecting one’s craft. This concept was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers.

The truth is, real experts never stop working at their craft as they know all too well that no one can ever possibly know everything there is to know on a particular topic. Experts want to be at the top of their game; and therefore they need to keep ahead of the learning curve to stay on top. is a financial product review site that educates and informs binary options traders about the latest binary bots. For the launch of the beta testing of this online trading bot, this website has offered a fabulous bonus for those who elect to become one of the beta testers of this product.

The bonus, a downloadable e-book entitled Stock Market and Forex Training Guide, is written for complete neophytes to Forex and binary options trading. It is a comprehensive primer that will help new traders navigate complex currency markets and includes chapters on currency conversion, market volatility, balancing risks and rewards while trading and a course on statistics and their use and value when trading foreign currencies. The Guide also includes a glossary of industry buzz words so that newbies can become more comfortable with the vernacular.

To check out the launch of this exciting new binary bot, visit and don’t forget to sign up for the launch bonus when you do. Just chalk it up as an investment in your 10,000 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is The Bot Really Free?

100PercentProfitBot is actually free for the beta-testers that obtain 1 of the 2000 licenses. The prototype that led to the development of 100PercentProfitBot was VOL1, by VOL1 Nation. 100PercentProfitBot is the 1st edition of the finished VOL1 automated Trading System. VOL1 was also tested the same way and now those beta testers are seasoned traders and shareholders.

The beta testing phase will continue while the beta testers operate the bot allowing the developers to fine tune the system.

If you want much more information you need to go to VOL1 history.

Why Are There Only 2000 Licenses Available?

The limited licenses are because of future shareholder opportunities.

How Long Has The Bot Been Trading For?

The bot has been operational and getting beta tester’s successful results since Feb 5th 2014.

Do You Have To Have Previous Knowledge Of How To Use Bot Software?

Not any. From within the dashboard of the member’s site you will have access to all the information you need, to learn how to successfully use the bot.

What Kind Of Money Can I Make From Using The Bot?

Your earnings are based on your opening deposit. The average initial bankroll is being doubled approximately every 20 trading days or so.

What Makes 100PercentProfitBot So Different From Other Bots On The Marketplace?

This bot is the industry leader. It is not just a signal or tool. It is an automated robot that uses multiple brokers and the only binary bot that forced you to withdraw your money regularly.If you don’t withdraw funds the bot won’t trade.

Is The Bot Easy To Use?

Yes very easy and the developers set it all out for you in the member’s area of the website. The software works automatically from the secure Microsoft Azure cloud. It is web based and will work on your Phone, PC or Mac. You don’t configure anything. The setup is done once and once finished it will run automatically.

Why Is A Bot Better Than A Manual System?

Automation means you can be investing 24/7. To get comparable results to 100PercentProfitBot you would need to become a very seasoned broker and be trading continuously. This is not time efficient, or practical.The bot automatically places the trades with multiple brokers while automatically sizing the amount within the same second. This is one of its key features and is central to its high success rate.

Why Are There Minimum/Maximum Investment Limits?

The trading algorithm operates on performing the initial trade at the size of 2.5% of your initial bankroll. With most brokers the minimum trade sum is 25$ – it equals to 2.5% of 1000$.

Why Use A Minimum Of Four Brokers?

At the very least a number of agents are employed to the pursuing good reasons;Privacy; So as to not disclose the particular trading method along with algorithm strategies to a dealer.Diversifying; No greater than 9000$ monthly is actually at any time taken through the 1 broker.

Advantage; It gives you the benefit of taking the best available prices on assets based on specific broker prices between the expiry times.

Still not convinced? Want more?

Have you noticed with other trading bots that you are limited to $200 to $250 per trade? So if you wanted to double or triple up in the case of a loss, you couldn’t.

It’s a normal trading practice to employ this “martingale” tactic. But the brokerages have closed that door making it impossible to triple up. It’s smart on their part because it limits your ability to improve your winning percentage on trades.

We’ve told you previously that the 100percent profit bot is different. It allows you to scale as much as you need to in order to win. This multibroker robot allow you to take multiple positions at several brokerages simultaneously effectively opening the door to letting you trade whatever sums you’d like. It permits you to hedge and play brokers one against the other so you can fly under the radar undetected!

This system is so dastardly clever that it cycles your trades randomly so the brokerages lose money randomly. As we said, it makes your actions virtually undetectable! It gets you into the 5% of traders that profit consistently with options trading. Your unfair advantage.

Do you want to lose again? Or do you want to finally profit from all the time and effort you’ve put into your trades?

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