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Your online headquarters for the top 3D sound hardware for all of your PC audio and gaming needs. We stock only the finest speakers and soundcards from the likes of Harmon Kardon, Logitech, and SoundBlaster. 3D sound is superior for gaming as well as adding ambiance to your music.
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3D Sound Stereo Systems

Many consumers do not know the difference between stereos and surround sound, also known as 3D sound stereo systems. 3D sound stereo systems are ideal for not only music, but also movies that are recorded using stereo sound. With 3D sound stereo systems, movies seem to vividly come to life. Gaming 3D sound systems immerse you in the middle of the battlefield. Today, most movies use surround sound technology because of its superior sound quality. It is easy to notice the subtleties unique to surround sound. For example, if you are a watching a movie and an actor is walking across the screen, 3D sound stereo systems will allow you to hear increased sound when they approach and then faded sound when they walk off screen. In gaming, 3D sound often makes the difference between survival and death as those who can first locate where the sounds of their opponent gain the first shot advantage.

Home Theater Systems

If you buy a home theater system or a DLNA Server for media streaming, you will need to have a DVD or DVD RAM player and a television that includes an amplifier or a receiver. It must have six amplification channels that can process the way surround systems decode sound. If you do not have all of these components, you will not be able to enjoy surround sound. So be sure you have all of the necessary equipment before purchasing a home theater system. If you want to experience quality surround sound head to your local THX certified movie theater which usually has a professionally engineered installation.

System Options

A lot of systems include a subwoofer, which is a larger third speaker. A subwoofer is specifically made to reach low bass ranges. However, three-way speakers that represent all ranges in three various areas can also increase a stereo system's sound quality. 3D sound is even possible in the car. Upgrade your vehicle entertainment system immerse yourself in 3D media from the backseat comfort of your car.
However, a lot of people do not listen to their music through DVD players and televisions. Instead, they use MP3 players and even traditional CD players. This means many people have two different sound systems in their home--a stereo system that plays music and a surround system for their home theater that hooks into their DVD player, television, and/or gaming system. Even though each of these systems perform nicely, they do not work well for other sound needs than the one they were intended for. Of course, you can purchase a high-end surround sound system that features front speakers with stereo quality sound but these systems are pricey.

Setup Mistakes

There are a lot of people who do not set up their 3D sound stereo systems correctly. Remember, you have to put each speaker in its proper place; two speakers should be placed in the back, two in the front, and one in the center. If you have a subwoofer, it can be put anywhere you choose. If you do not set up your system properly, you cannot experience true surround sound quality.

Does Your Television Measure Up?

If you purchased your television within the past 2-3 years, it most likely has the ability to produce surround sound without the use of extra equipment. However, if your television requires a television converter box or is an older model that does not possess this capability, you will need to buy a DVD player or a receiver. Some over the air HD broadcasts are 3D sound compliant.  You would be amazed at the quality of signal you can pull down with a Yagi Antenna.  If you are starting from scratch, big electronic stores usually offer 3D sound stereo systems that include the necessary equipment to produce the surround sound you want. There is even a company (Turtle Media) that claims to be able to incorporate 3D sound technology into a pair of headphones. A few manufacturers make similar claims about their Bluetoot headsets.

Computer Based 3D Audio Setups

A personal computer (PC), home workstation, or server can be used to provide impression 3D sound for music and gaming. Media application like Microsoft's Media Center make controlling all of your home media through a central console possible. If you will be running multiple simultaneous streams of audio and video we recommend you obtain Dual Quad Core CPUs to power your computer. This will provide ample processing power so you won't run into any pauses in blips that would affect a normal PC under heavy stress.