100% Profit Bot Review – Is this the last binary trading software you will ever need or want?

People are attracted to binary options trading because of its relative simplicity in comparison to other investment vehicles. One never has to guess at the upside because the reward is already known at the time of investment. Similarly, the downside is also known. When comparing binary options with other investments, you can gauge the exact amount of risk you are taking and measure it against the potential return to determine if this is indeed a rate of return you are going to be happy with.
Using a binary bot radically simplifies the trading process and it takes the emotion out of the trade. You don’t have to sit at your computer all day and you can trade any time the markets are open. Binary options offer a low cost entry into options trading and can produce sizable returns.
The major criticisms of binary options trading bots are that you are stuck with trading with a specific broker and their fine print may not exactly comport with your trading style or financial goals. Furthermore, traders complain that trading profits never quite seem to find their way into their bank account.
Taking these two chief complaints into account, Steve and Mike (you might know that this is the duo that created the Legal Insider Bot, the most successful bot in its class) developed the 100% Profit Bot, a new generation of trading software that does what no other bot currently available does:
• The bot works with your choice of 18 different brokers and actually works best when you use multiple brokers. It enables you to hedge your bets between brokers leading to more profits for you.
• This bot literally makes you withdraw your profits on a regular basis. You must bank your profits before it lets you place another trade. That way, your profits help fund your lifestyle and stay out of the hands of the brokers.
The bot will make its debut to the trading public on November 10 as a beta test. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for this product (there are only 2000 beta testing licenses available so you’ll want to get into the queue for one of these limited licenses) just click on the link below to enroll.