3D Reviews

Guest Post by Jim Louis

When writing a review of a company or a product, we like to think in terms of three dimensions.  Most reviews are one dimensional, aimed at a certain fact or experience.  Understandably, most people need just one thing to either make their day or send them packing.

But people are looking for more than just that one thing; they are looking for an overall experience. What may be important to you may only be part of what is important to another potential client or customer. So if the only negative thing you have to say about a company is that, for example, the front desk person was curt, but that your car was repaired perfectly, then you should also mention the quality of the repair. You most likely did not go into that auto repair place because their front desk person was personable or nice; you went there because they could fix your car. So blasting a company in a review for a secondary reason (a reason other than the main objective) without mentioning that you got what you paid for and were happy with the service, is not helpful to the management of the establishment nor to anyone else seeking help with an auto repair.

This is the basis for our 3D review system. There are three people that can benefit from a review. The first, of course, is you because you can express how you feel about a product or service. The second dimension is the management of the company or product you are reviewing. And the third dimension is comprised of others who may benefit from knowing about your entire experience, not just the very good or very bad parts. Having all three dimensions in your review will help all three parties by communicating the entirety of your experience. Remember, what is important to you may not be the most important criteria to someone else. Your reviews will become much more helpful by considering the needs of others as well as your need to praise or vent.


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