Define Circumaural

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The LCD-1s feature an open circumaural design, with 90mm over-ear planar drivers for a wide dynamic … The LCD-1’s soundstage was wider, the definition and separation of timbre and tone better and …

Product Tour: Soul by Ludacris SL300GGC Circumaural Elite Hi-Definition Noise Canceling HeadphoneDiamond Tears by Monster are high-definition on-ear headphones that let you hear your favorite songs just as the artist created them in the studio.

What Are Earbuds Made Of Grado Labs. The first company I found was Grado Labs, a family owned company that’s been making headphones since 1982. Most of the products that carry the Grado name are made in Brooklyn, NY by a small and friendly staff. The only earphone products of theirs that aren’t made in the United States are the
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